Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tender Mercies & the Taco Bus


I have been called to serve in the Tennessee Knoxville Mission, Spanish speaking leaving August 28th.  I can't think of a call more perfect for me. I don't know too much about the Southern Spanish culture, but from what I do know, I love these people already.  Reasons I'm excited about my mission call:

1. I'd made a really good friend (Beatrice) at APA the couple of weeks leading up to my call. Our main point that we connected on was that she was a newly RM, and I'd just turned in my papers! And she told me that first day we met that she'd just returned from Knoxville Tennessee.  That night I had a VIVID dream I would go there.  That was a couple weeks before I got my call.
aaahhh. CRAZY! Also, she did serve English, but is of Spanish descent so she knew all about the hispanics down there and got to interact with them a little. Also, more on this but below.

2. My grandparents, and many cousins & uncles and aunts on my dad's side, will live IN my mission, when it realigns in JULY. cray-cray.  And I know the area super well. And we're flying out for a Family VACAY we've been planning for months to visit them (before my bros go spend their summers in Alaska & Nauvoo and I leave) which means I'll be visiting MY MISSION.  

3. I love love love the bluegrass/folk connection in those Appalachian mountains. I am gonna be in Music heaven!

Along with getting my mission call came a different call. When I saw the date of August 28th, I KNEW I was supposed to go back to school in Idaho for Spring Semester.  Making this decision was hard but, looking back on these last 9 days, I don't think I've ever seen the Hand of the Lord so distinctly in my life.  Also, a little before I got my call, my friend Beatrice (who I mentioned above) decided she was leaving APA and going to BYU-hawaii Spring Semester.  This was like a SIGN to me after all this happened that me and Ms. Gonzalez crossed paths just for the purpose of this.  It was a tender mercy. But, I found a contract I wanted with in 48 hours and signed it, made arrangements at work, and packed a car and dad drove me up here on Saturday.  Roommates have worked out, I'm a 2 minute walk from my friend's apartment, I am a 2 minute walk to campus, I even made Symphony Orchestra, a miracle based on my audition.  I am in heaven up here. Ok, please Maddy I'm exaggerating. But I do KNOW it's exactly where I'm supposed to be.
Today I went on a double date to the TACO BUS. It was D I V I N E.
 I may or may not have left my camera in SL so purged photos...thanks Emmeline! She is my best bud and homie and the half-owner of this picture (the other being Lydia) and I love her!  The people of Riverside CA are so lucky!!
Vive Taquero El Rancho!!