Monday, June 24, 2013

Parable of the Pearl Earrings

Sometimes letting go is not easy.
Even if it's simply pearl earrings. 
Ok so a little background:  It all started with my two best friend's love for pearl earrings.  J & A both LOVE the simple elegance of the pearl earring.
They converted me.  To pearl earring-dom.

Ya so anyway.  I loveee them.  But somehow, if you're not as organized as some other people, pearl earrings are NOT the easiest thing to keep a track of.  
But you buy them anyway.  Cause they're simple, cute, and classy.  White pearls are sooo awesome!  
I obvi love them.  So these are probably my 3rd set in a year, but all that aside, I have to tell you what ONE of them.  I wore them when I went BRIDGE JUMPING last week.  C'mon Maddy, THINK. 
 Ha but it was even more discouraging because only ONE fell off. So I have one white pearl right? "Oh well" I say to myself.  "I'll just switch to my brown pearls for a while."

You see, my brown pearls are my GOOD friends.  These are the earrings I can turn to whenever I need a backup.  We've seen each other at our best and worst times. LOVE the brown pearls.
The brown pearls were the earrings I never ever lost.  
But today the inevitable happened.  As I was changing into a choir costume, the left earring popped out, I reached, fumbling for it in mid-air, it fell into the sink of the Snow building, right down the drain.  RIGHT DOWN IT.

Dear pearl earrings:  It is sad to see you go.  And I still have one brown and one white, but alas, neither set is complete.

I wonder if there is an earring heaven?  Especially if these special friends are in the depths of Monkey Rock or the bowels of the ancient Snow plumbing.  


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life is Skittles, Life's Root Beer

Well.  Spring is here.  And Spring Semester is an absolute party!

Symphony Orchestra Concert

Lots of rainy days up here. 

Went on a hike on Memorial day and got Blister's BBQ afterwards!

BFF Temp Trips on Windy Days 

Playing in a folk concert last of my favorite experiences of the semester!  Had so much fun and met so many great friends!

 And...never forget this!  I'm going on a mission!!