Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rando Things

1. During High School, there were two things that I could just never force myself to do in my spare time. The first was read books and the second was practice. Now those two things are practically all I ever do in my spare time.

2. I love people who have passions. At work there's a teacher I was helping one day, as soon as she found out I knew who Regina Spektor is, she went wild asking me if I listened to any of her other favorite singer/songwriters. Turns out I did and we ended up having a lot of similar taste and favorites in music. Love that fire within people that gets them goin'

3. I've set a date when i have to make "the decision" of all decisions. Feb 14 it is.

4. If I could go to any concert, right now, I would choose to attend a Zac Brown Band concert.

5. The inversion has been simply awful this week, just plain nasty! Come back summer! The first pic is of my view last week compared to my view this afternoon. The second pic is the beautiful afternoon we experienced last Saturday.

6. Me and Amy in super salt lake but mission rockin Rexburg!

7. My two friends Jenna and Whitney who I have known since they were sevies and I an eighthy doing Shakespeare together were in Hairspray as Penny and Tracy. This is significant because we did a number from Hairspray for the school-wide talent show in jr high. Loved them and they are amazing.

8. My life long neighbor and friend Caleb Farley left last Wednesday to report to the Stockholm Sweden mission. From The last day of kindergarten to the last Day of senior year! Good time we have had.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's a new year!

It is. I can't believe it's 2013!! This time of life is so hard cause you just never know what's coming around the corner. That's how I feel right now, always looking out for what's coming but never knowing exactly what! Right now I'm home for the semester, most likely. If I decide to work right up to summer then go on a mission then I won't be back in Rexy for spring semester. And if you haven't noticed I LOVE Rexy so that would be sad, but I want to go on a mission and I do need money for that. These last two days my cousin needed a ride to Rexy from the airport so Amy and I volunteered! It was SUCH a blast and we got to see almost all our good friends who are there.
And as for this little break, I'm probably getting hired at an awesome charter school, American Preparatory Academy and I'm beyond excited for it, that is if I get the job! Id be assistant teaching a violin class and being an after school mentor right now part-time but may turn into full time. Woot woot. And until I hear back from them ill go on lots of walks with the little critter.