Monday, December 24, 2012

It's a Merry Christmas

Just soaking in this Season of Christmas this year.  I've gone caroling 3 times this weekend...I love it! Haha and other wonderful parts of Christmas time...

Roomie Adventure at City Creek!

 Love this girl.  Roommates and friends for life.

So...I have a question...does everyone love gumballs as much as I do??  Cause I love them.  Too bad these ALL belonged to the little brother. Or else they'd be gone by now.

pretty decorated tree


My favorite Christmas Decoration we own, by Sarah Jane Studios.

First french braid I've ever done on myself!  It's only taken me 18 years to learn how...Oh well never too late!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

"The Dikkensoo"

   My awesome Mom has been working for a while on this project to give as a gift to Dick and Sue Jacobsen.  They run the ranches Sky Mountain and Quickwater Ranch located in in the Teton Valley near Victor, ID.  We got the chance to give it to them last night and they absolutely loved it! The poem especially combined with the pictures really capture the spirit of these two and the amazing things they've done!  Here's pics of each page of the book. 


If you've ever been to the ranches, you know the value of having fun. You know the value of working hard, of working together.  You know the value of relationships.  You know how to make great food.  You've experienced life without the media and loud things from the outside world.  You know how to write in a journal, read scriptures, and grow closer to your Savior.  You've learned some kind of craft- whether it be photography, woodworking, horseback riding, or guitar.  I'm so grateful for all my memories at the ranch!  

{sidenote: If you click on the pictures you can go through them like a slideshow and can see them a bit better}

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It seems like everyone and their dog..

...Are blogging about the Connecticut Newtown shooting.  So I turned to my dog and said, Hey dog do you wanna join everyone else and blog about Sandy Hook Elementary?  He said ok. So here I am.
   This incident really hit home for me.  I'm sure if I actually had kids or were even slightly close to that (which I'm not) it would've a lot more, but in relativity to my life up to this point, it did. I can't even imagine.  Talk about definition of a broken heart is what these parents and family members must be going through. 
  Today me and my friend drove past the elementary, and there was a class of kids on a sidewalk going on a Field Trip.  A pair of bright blue eyes with curly brown hair waved at me and I recognized James, I babysat him up until he was like 5 years old.  And he's probably seven now. The same age as these darling, angelic kids.  And he waved at me and I almost broke out in tears...cause I can't believe emptiness it would leave behind if a little boy of mine like James left this world.


  This interview makes me so amazed and so glad that Heavenly Father is looking out for his children.  Ya for courageous parents who are this strong and amazing! Wow.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A taste of the weekend

Had to get rid of this so I decided to take a picture for remembrance...My first design project ever!! I didn't do so well on it, but I printed it, cut the matte and the paper, and sprayed it all myself, so with that I don't think it was too shabby.

{background = our pre-moving clean check messy aparmentage}

 And second subject of interest is, well, Fall Semester was one of the best times of my life, and I'm gonna miss it.  A lot.  I love all the people I've met and the times I've shared.  Like pro'lly more than anything else I've ever done in my life.  I don't know what the future holds but I probably won't see a lot of these people again and that just makes me bummed.  But it's all good.  And these pictures just contain a fraction of a piece of the good times we've had at the Berg!  

Yup Rexburg I'll MISS YA!! <3