Sunday, May 5, 2013

First Semester Adventure: SHEEP FALLS

Ame dog on the first day of classes, basking in the sun.
 Up here in Rexburg, we play outside a lot. It's just what we do to have a good time.  So, yesterday we drove up to Sheep Falls, past Ashton.  First thing we knew, our car's stuck.  It took a good two or three hours to get help and get it unstuck.  

 but we had fun waiting...
 Then, some people had to go home cause they had other obligations. (Separated the wheat from the tares), And some of us went on!  It was a simple but beautiful hike.  Like really gorg!  And worth it. 
 The adventurous girls --  Andrea, Me, Jenna

 Two of the kids we went with- Lee and Parker demanded they find a place to take a swim.  I thought I'd just stay back with the other peops, but they demanded I come along and take pics of them. The water was freezing and was seriously straight down sheer cliffs.  But they climbed down the insanely slippery cliffs, and did it!

 So us three hiked an extra 3 miles (and almost risked our lives)
 beautiful walk back.