Friday, June 29, 2012


As the title suggests, I now live and work 8 hour days in a huge office alongside tons of adults—and a few kids, like myself, scattered in there.  My days consist of subbing in for the front-desk lady, designing manual covers, making spread upon spread of data on Excel, and messing around with the other “Interns”.  Alas, we are all 19 years of age or younger, and we like to have fun, so it’s all good.  It’s fun on a day-to-da basis, but weird and strange to consider myself as an adult, co-worker, colleague, whatever.  Below is a picture of the trailers we spend our life planning ahead for!  Kinda cool though. 

Speaking of which, I’m officially 18 in twenty-one days.  WEIRD.  Looking back I always thought of the 18 year olds as the girls who wore the best styles, were tall and beautiful, and had tons of friends and were so mature….Looks like I have a lot to accomplish in 20 days!

                Concerning the upcoming events of July, I consider the theme song of the month, “I’ll Never Grow Up” from Peter Pan the musical.  That’s right. 

                No one really reads this blog, but Leo convinced me to come back to writing.  Leo is a friend with a GREAT blog on Public Transportation, and I’m a fan.