Wednesday, February 13, 2013

APA Builders Assembly

So my school that I work at has a special tradition of making the week of Valentines a time of appreciation ... So it's Teacher Appreciation week (aka delicious food all week long) and then today they had a "Builder's Assembly" that features one kid from each grade that teachers have chosen have been outstanding. Anyway so they invite the whole fam but don't tell the kid and then they read off each kid. All of a sudden "you raise me up" blasts out and the kid and their family comes up and the whole audience claps. There was one family that is African-American and the mom left them at Christmas time, so the dad picks up and drops his three amazing boys off every day. His little First grade boy, Benjamin won a builder award.  The first picture below is when Niing won: she is part of a little Vietnamese refugee family.  I was basically sobbing when I'd seen her diligence and preparedness in class and then the way her family embraced her, they didn't even speak English! Yet they knew it was something amazing and she has managed to learn so much and be an honor-roll student. But anyway, Every time the song came on my first thought was"this is soooo cheesy and its going to get old realllll fast", and then before I knew it I was in tears!!  

P.S. Shout out to two girls - sisters- who left the awesome high school I went to, and moved to APA for academic oppurtunites and both worked hard enough so both got builder of the years for their grade! That is incredible.

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