Thursday, February 7, 2013

February is here

January literally whizzed by at the Speed of Light (which I learned at school recently = 186,000 miles per second...ok I take it back)and here we are in February.  The land of hearts and valentines, hot cocoa, and big nasty inversions with un-breathable air.  

My Job 
-I spend a good portion of my day watching and helping an autistic girl named Sarah, she likes to eat paper and tell me about her dog.  But she's a genius and onw of the most big-hearted, sweetest people I know.  I love her.

-I love hispanics.  At school I work with and teach a lot--Mexicans, South America natives, all of them--they are the best people and now I wanna go Spanish Speaking.  That is my dream.

-The african refugee kids l.o.v.e. my blonde hair and ask me if they can buy it.  I'm not kidding. I usually tell them yes with a swinky winky.

-The kids are adorable, full of germs, but adorable nonetheless.  I've only gotten sick three times in the month I've worked at APA so it's fine!  

Missions.  Missions Missions everywhere.  I started my papers this week.  My classmates that have already received calls put together a video of all the kids from my high school, and before we knew it was viral on Youtube.  So cool!  I almost put my picture in the last portion but decided not to.  But I am so so excited for everyone.

Have a good on'!

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