Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reasons I love AMANDA

This is a birthday tribute to my cuz Amanda!!  Here are some reasons I love her.

     1. We've been cousin/friends for a long time. Our parents used to call us "Amandaline" --combo of Amanda and Madeleine.  

2.  We can definitely be crazy around each other and we're ok with it. 

3.  She's good at everything she tries, sometime you should really hear her play the Brahms Violin Concerto, or any song for that matter. 

4.  Amanda makes me laugh harder than anyone I know to this day!

5. People sometimes say we look like cousins, I consider it a compliment cause she's pretttyy!!!

6. This one's good with kids..haha 

7.  Just some more "Selfies" back in '09.

{before Amanda went to sell books back East this summer.}

8.  Participating in the "crazy crooo"  This consisted of Amanda, Rachel and I being great cousin friends.  When it first started out, we would have like weird group cheers and make up dances and secrets like we all had a crush on Daniel Radcliffe.  Haha what wondrous times!
And look, we still love each other.

9.  Sadly I don't have any proof, but our favorite things used to be to make up dances and perform them for family members, and to make crazy weird videos.  I wiissshh I had some proof cause they were GREAT.

10.  Creeping on Our facebook relationship... too good.

  Manda, you're a champ! Sure love ya!!

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