Thursday, July 25, 2013

The last days in the Berg and Beyond

Last days in the Berg...And Beyond
 My Wardies Are lovely.  I miss them already!
 On the last Monday, I was in charge of a Ward Closing Social... A Hawaiian Luau.  It was a lot of work but besides some minor glitches it turned out really well!  
 pizza, park, playing, and fun stuff like that.

 R e x b u r g  S u n s e t s
 hanging with friends in the crossroads.. "This is our last..." was said a lot.
 Hiked 5 or 6 miles of Sand Dunes on Friday night..Took about 3 hours.  So fun but soooo tiring.
 Saturday Morning was my BDay so Amy took me out to doughnuts for Breakfast...she's the best. Don't mind the morning faces.
 ...And the best brother in the world sent me cupcakes and cake pops!  It made for a good birthday!  I then took my last final,

 Said last goodbyes to friends,and drove home!
 The next day I got to eat and hang out with the best cousins in the world.  Love em.
 And then went to Amy's to celebrate her bday!
 I love my best friends a lot!

Coming soon:  Looking forward to a family trip that's very special to me.

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