Sunday, July 7, 2013

Two weeks til the END!

Well, here we are, July 7th, with only a fortnight until this semester is over.

Kind of bittersweet.  I am so glad that I can have all of the studying and other hard things done. 
But I have met sooo many a w e s o m e people and it's like I am not sure if we'll meet again.  I'll miss my ward friends a whole stinkin' lot.  And other friends from random different classes.  

 Someone's a little excited for their mission...Above with Acceptance letter and below with Tennessee license plate :)

I CAN'T wait to get out there in the mission field and share the message of the gospel with people!!  Every day it gets more exciting.  It's hard work to prepare while in college, but it's worth it!  AAHH people of Tennessee here I come!  And Mexico City MTC here I come as well!

  So from what I've heard this will be some parts of my life while living in the Appalachians:

University of Tennessee. Go Smokeys! (weird mascot)

BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAINS....Or in Utah terms, Hills, but that's ok.  I love those Appalachians already!

 Life in Redneck is fun.  They get creative!

 Hello Chattanooga!!

YES Bluegrass Music All Day E'er Day!!  When we were visiting Asheville a couple months ago, a random band of four very attractive young men started bustin' out in song.  It was called "That little girl of mine in Tennessee" !!  It was like they were singing it for MOI! I'd upload the video but it appears to be having problems..

Hello Chattanooga again!

Winters in Tennessee...I think this picture's deceiving.   I've heard they're actually brutally cold because the humidity freezes the air you breathe.  Haha so that will be fun!

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