Thursday, October 25, 2012

A couple things

First off, I found this post from former BYU-I student and enjoyed it, my major being graphic design and all.

"Why are Mormons so cool?" | the daybook

Second of all, This morning my mom called as I was getting ready for my 8:00 class (she has weird schedules, but so do I so we're sorta telepathic), but I didn't have time to glance outside as I was busy trying to talk to her and apply mascara simultaneously.  It was right after I told her I better go, that I opened my front door to....

 yes, IT SNOWED  :) about 8 inches!

And my last subject of interest has to do with the snow downpour.  Because I've been feeling wonderful and Christmas-y all day.  Tonight we celebrated Sari's Birthday by going to Big Jud's. 7 of us crammed in a 5 person car and drove out, fogging up the windows, with the beautiful Idaho sun setting, the drifts of snow crowding everything from telephone poles to farmhouses.  Big Jud's was warm and inviting, with Large fry orders, big hamburgers, and most of all, a 15-scoop ice cream buffet that we ordered.  It made me feel like going home and snuggling with blankets and watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  I was craving that movie.  Luckily, Sari had it.  So we did just that. Couldn't have gotten better.

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