Saturday, October 6, 2012

Update - The Berg

A few of our recent ventures...

Rebels with Root Beer.

the Dunes with friends! aka. the duneskies

Neon Dance Party.

I love these two 

Roomie Adventures--Chinese for Lunch! Yum

Me and Amy got the oppurtunity to sing with Women's Choir in DEVO in the I center.  For those of you who dont know, BYU-I has devo every other Tuesday, it's kind of like a second Sunday but with classes--at first I thought it was weird but I'm starting to love it and wish every day were a devo day.  Anyways it's in the I-center--which is almost as big as the Conference Center--It has about 16,000 seats and huge jumbotrons and teleprompters and the works! And a loooooottt of students are always there--probably about 8500 or so on an average week.  It was a super cool experience and we even got on the screen for about .7 secs or so we hear. (that's a big deal)
Backstage before we sang.

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