Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It seems like everyone and their dog..

...Are blogging about the Connecticut Newtown shooting.  So I turned to my dog and said, Hey dog do you wanna join everyone else and blog about Sandy Hook Elementary?  He said ok. So here I am.
   This incident really hit home for me.  I'm sure if I actually had kids or were even slightly close to that (which I'm not) it would've a lot more, but in relativity to my life up to this point, it did. I can't even imagine.  Talk about definition of a broken heart is what these parents and family members must be going through. 
  Today me and my friend drove past the elementary, and there was a class of kids on a sidewalk going on a Field Trip.  A pair of bright blue eyes with curly brown hair waved at me and I recognized James, I babysat him up until he was like 5 years old.  And he's probably seven now. The same age as these darling, angelic kids.  And he waved at me and I almost broke out in tears...cause I can't believe emptiness it would leave behind if a little boy of mine like James left this world.


  This interview makes me so amazed and so glad that Heavenly Father is looking out for his children.  Ya for courageous parents who are this strong and amazing! Wow.


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