Thursday, December 20, 2012

"The Dikkensoo"

   My awesome Mom has been working for a while on this project to give as a gift to Dick and Sue Jacobsen.  They run the ranches Sky Mountain and Quickwater Ranch located in in the Teton Valley near Victor, ID.  We got the chance to give it to them last night and they absolutely loved it! The poem especially combined with the pictures really capture the spirit of these two and the amazing things they've done!  Here's pics of each page of the book. 


If you've ever been to the ranches, you know the value of having fun. You know the value of working hard, of working together.  You know the value of relationships.  You know how to make great food.  You've experienced life without the media and loud things from the outside world.  You know how to write in a journal, read scriptures, and grow closer to your Savior.  You've learned some kind of craft- whether it be photography, woodworking, horseback riding, or guitar.  I'm so grateful for all my memories at the ranch!  

{sidenote: If you click on the pictures you can go through them like a slideshow and can see them a bit better}

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